The Benefits of Obtaining Romanian Citizenship(ian. 4, 2024)

Romanian citizenship offers many benefits and opportunities, including:

– The right to live and work in all 27 countries of the European Union.

– Protection at European consulates with a new passport.

– Transfer of Romanian citizenship to children and spouse.

– The opportunity to study at colleges and universities in the EU, with the option to work afterward in the EU with equal rights to those of a citizen.

Obtaining Romanian citizenship can be done by birth, adoption, or application. Suppose you wish to obtain Romanian citizenship by application. In that case, you must meet certain conditions, such as legal residence in the country for at least 8 years, knowledge of the Romanian language and culture, and no convictions in Romania or abroad for an offense that would make you unworthy of Romanian citizenship. Additionally, you must have sufficient financial means to ensure a decent existence and be loyal to the Romanian state.

Articles 10 and 11 of the Romanian Citizenship Law provide that Romanian citizenship can be granted to persons who have lost this citizenship, as well as to their descendants up to the second degree inclusive who request its reacquisition, with the preservation of foreign citizenship and the establishment of domicile in the country or with the maintenance of domicile abroad.

As a Romanian citizen, you have the right to work in any member state of the European Union without needing a work permit. You also have the right to live in that country, as long as you meet certain conditions. Generally, these conditions include holding a valid passport, medical insurance, and a job or sufficient income to ensure a decent existence.