Competent services in migration issues in Romania(nov. 16, 2020)

With a multicultural perspective and a practical approach, Dumitrescu & Asociatii Company is your strategic partner in managing emigration procedures in Romania. Whether you are an individual, a corporation, or a company at the beginning of the road, you will be able to benefit from our personalized services to satisfy your needs regarding migrant staff.

The economic development of the last decade as well as the European integration have profoundly transformed Romanian society. Romania has suddenly become an area with a significant flow of population from Eastern Europe and the Balkans to Western Europe, being at the same time a source but also a destination for foreign workers.

Dumitrescu & Asociatii offers professional services in the field of procedures for obtaining residence permits and work documents in Romania as well as citizenship documents for citizens and living in Romania. Our multicultural perspective and our location in an area with a triple border, both towards the Balkans and towards Central Europe, offer us a unique perspective on European political, economic, and migratory trends. In combination with our highly qualified professional resources, our innovative approach in the field of immigration in Romania offers companies operating here an integrated solution.

The economic fields with significant needs regarding the labor force are hotels-restaurants-cafes, civil and industrial constructions, retail trade, and domestic services. In general, the Romanian business community is pragmatic – recognizing that they need foreign nationals for their business to function smoothly. However, the approach of the Romanian government is not always so simple. A combination of laws and administrative procedures regarding the right to work or the possibility to obtain citizenship creates significant obstacles for companies that bring in foreign workers. Besides, visa and work permit options are extremely limited for people who do not have an exceptional qualification or experience.

These challenges mean that the legal environment regarding immigration in Romania is a changing environment in which the professionals of Dumitrescu & Asociatii fully prove their usefulness.

Our company recognizes that client companies may need international support in managing immigration service needs. To provide strong and specialized resources to companies based in our area of activity, we have developed competent and proven professional partnerships. You can confidently call on our specialists in the field of work permit or citizenship procedures.